Why work with us

Teams of engineers

We have teams of engineers at your disposal only for the duration of the project so no permanent employees are necessary on your side.

Measurement vehicles

We provide preset measurement vehicles for the duration of the project, therefore there is no need for our customers to invest in a permanent vehicle fleet.

Resources within max. 24h

We provide resources within max. 24h from the work order anywhere in Europe and comparable delivery times worldwide.

LOW measurement costs

LOW measurement costs – we ensure that we make fair offers to all our customers so that we can keep expenses to a minimum.

LOW operating costs

Our intensive work experience has taught us to plan ahead and manage most unforeseen situations from the beginning in order to manage cost rising.


We can insure the measurement process so that whatever happens the costs will not rise and we can also insure your measurement vehicles and equipment.


In today’s fast paced economy, we understand that flexibility, fast response times and low expense levels can mean the difference between succes and failure.


We aim to be the preferred source in the market that we serve, by supplying services of outstanding value that exceed customer expectations.


Whether it’s our fast response time, the pricing model you choose or even the way our accountants take care of your invoices, we adapt to the way YOU work.

Social responsability

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” Winston Churchill

At Coda Communications we know that our most valued assets are our employees, the people behind the work, behind the results, behind the success…and of course we focus on their wellbeing and job satisfaction! But we also know that it is our local community which gives us these important assets, therefore we consider that giving something back to the community is the natural thing to do and the best way for everyone to move forward !